Why set up a charity?

Well our experience has not been one of the best, I cannot imagine anyone having a good experience in a similar circumstance but one thing has become very evident to me as the days went by. The total failure, despite the billions of pounds being poured into research, to find an effective cure for cancer, in particular I have realized that unless there is a return on investment no pharmaceutical will invest a penny in research and development and they will not cooperate with other pharmaceutical companies even if there is evidence that certain drugs may work better together.

The other astonishing discovery is the total lack of any funding for DIPG, all the research in this field had been totally sponsored by parents and supporters and the average life post diagnosis is less that a year.

The objective of our charity won’t be a cure but ultimately if you prevent something from happening than there is no need for a cure – the old say prevention is better than cure – will be our reason to set up a charity. Also the understanding why is this tumor developing in such young children? Everyone say it is very rare, but today the numbers of DIPG have increased massively, Why? Our objective will be to find out why this is happening? What is causing it? And ultimately how to prevent it from happening? 

We will be seeking expert advice, and research, independently from ties with large pharmaceutical companies as ultimately they are a business and have shareholder interest at heir heart before patients.

Let’s be honest if a cure for cancer or a prevention for cancer was found tomorrow what would happen to the income stream for those industries.

Please visit our Just Giving page - to help us raise over £6,000 - thank you. Francesco. x

We have created a small pocket book celebrating the life of Felicia, with her story beautifully illustrated with pictures of her life.

These will be available from Casa Mia in Chapel Allerton.

We have a limited edition of 500 - which we are looking for a minimum donation of £20 for each book.

If you would like more information - please drop us a message below.


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